University of Essex’s Future Leaders Programme Workload Monitoring Tool Proof-Of-Concept

This is a workload monitoring proof-of-concept tool carried out by the workload group as part of the University of Essex’s Future Leaders Programme. It is not meant to be used with real data and all data is fictional. It is not sanctioned by the University of Essex. Its goal is to demonstrate how such a tool would work.

All staff members would be asked to fill-in the following form, either once a year or after filling-in their Workload Allocation Model timesheet (if they have one). The data could be available to line managers, faculty officials, People and Culture officials, Health and Safety Officers, Union Reps… The data could inform planning rounds, restructuring decisions and strategic changes. Depending on the person accessing the data, this would have several level of anonymisation, according to the law (e.g. a HoD may see full data for their department but not for others, while a H&S Officer or a P&C official may see all data, if considered adequate).

The raw data would not be widely available but it is presented here for demonstration purposes.